Cleantech VC failed before — and it risks failing again

The cleantech sector has the greatest opportunity to turn around our carbon crisis. So why are we stalled despite the prize and the urgency?Read More

Peex let me remix augmented reality sounds at Elton John’s concert

Peex is a United Kingdom tech startup that has invented a concert audio remixing system that lets fans control and customize the audio at live concerts, allowing them to...

The agtech investment imperative

We can’t feed 10 billion people without destroying the planet if our ag industry does not dramatically change. Luckily, we're seeing big innovation begin.Read More

AI Weekly: Automation in the workplace could disproportionately affect women

The automation of work threatens to disrupt the careers of women disproportionately, according to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute.Read More

Huawei downplayed the Google problem in the Mate 30, but it’s a major issue...

As Huawei downplays the Google problem on its new Huawei Mate 30 Android phones, consumers who buy the devices could be hugely disappointed.Read More

Built Robotics raises $33 million for automated construction equipment

Built Robotics has raised $33 million to create autonomous systems for construction projects in infrastructure and clean energy.Read More

GitHub acquires Semmle to help developers spot code exploits

Microsoft-owned GitHub has acquired Semmle, a startup developing a novel code vulnerability solution, for an undisclosed amount.Read More

Canopy provides a blueprint for privacy-focused content recommendations

Built by former Spotify alums, Canopy is setting out to create a personalization engine that recommends content without invading your privacy.Read More

Acronis raises $147 million for tools that back up, protect, and restore data

Backup and recovery solutions provider Acronis has raised $147 million in a funding round led by Goldman Sachs, valuing the company at $1 billion.Read More

Glassdoor: 10 of the 25 highest-paying U.S. jobs for 2019 are in tech

Glassdoor has put together its list of the top 25 highest-paying U.S. jobs for 2019, and 10 of them are in the tech industry.Read More

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Facebook Accelerator London opens to non-U.K. startups with a focus on transformative tech

Facebook Accelerator London, formerly known as LDN_LAB, has announced that the program is opening to non-U.K. startups with a focus on transformative tech.Read More

How to use Screen Time to control your Mac and iOS use

Whether it's for your curiosity, your health or for working out exactly how much to bill your clients, it's much better to...

Kraken and Coinbase Among the Cleanest Crypto Exchanges: BTI Report

BTI report finds that Kraken and Coinbase are among the cleanest crypto exchanges in the industry

Week 38 in review: Huawei’s Mate 30 and 30 Pro, vivo NEX 3 arrive

This week Huawei unwrapped the Mate 30 series. The Mate 30 Pro, Mate 30 and Porsche Design Mate 30 RS are packed to...

Every department at LSC uses Phocas to work smarter

LSC is a thriving 93-year-old security hardware distributor for the locksmith industry. To manage the 20,000 lines of stock and...

Hours Before Bakkt: Top-20 Cryptos See Major Losses, but Bitcoin Is Up

Hours before Bakkt’s physical BTC futures launch, crypto markets see a wave of red, while Bitcoin is up

Facebook Buys Chatbot Startup Servicefriend to Integrate Into Calibra

Facebook acquires Israeli chatbot startup Servicefriend for Calibra’s customer service

5 Investor-Friendly Industries Perfect for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business from scratch is no easy feat. Just ask any of the thousands of wannabe business owners who take the...