Make mobile advertising easier, please

With so much choice, mobile app developers struggle to land on a monetization strategy that maximizes revenue while still meeting the needs of users.Read More

SpaceX launches first satellites for Starlink internet venture

SpaceX, the private rocket company of Elon Musk, launched the first batch of satellites into orbit on Thursday for Musk’s new Starlink internet service.Read More

Palmer Luckey: I left Facebook enraged, but Zuckerberg is VR’s top backer

Oculus's founder says he had hate and rage in his heart after leaving Facebook, yet continues to back the company because of its strong support for VR.Read More

Amazon’s AWS Ground Station for satellite data hits general availability

Amazon has announced that AWS Ground Station, a service designed for AWS customers to access data from satellites, is now in general availability.Read More

PlayStation’s Dominic Mallinson on next-gen VR, wireless, gaze tracking, foveated rendering, and AR

VentureBeat interview: Dominic Mallinson, senior vice president of R&D at Sony, talks PSVR, wireless, gaze tracking, foveated rendering, and AR.Read More

Volocopter to open its first air taxi landing facility ahead of trials in Singapore

Germany's Volocopter has announced plans to launch its first Volo-Port landing pad to support an air taxi trial in Singapore.Read More

Cardinal Analytx raises $22 million to predict high-cost health plan members

Palo Alto, California-based Cardinal Analytx has raised $22 million for software that predicts expensive health plan members.Read More

Scaleworks acquires AI ecommerce search provider SearchSpring

Venture capital company Scaleworks has acquired Colorado-based ecommerce search provider SearchSpring for an undisclosed sum.Read More

Fyusion raises $3 million from Itochu for 3D imaging and machine learning

Fyusion has raised $3 million in funding from Itochu to expand its tech that combines 3D imaging, computer vision, and machine learning.Read More

Huawei is just the latest in a long line of setbacks for Google’s Android

The Huawei trade ban will have serious ramifications for Google and comes amid growing resistance to Android around the world.Read More

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Meet Misty, an extensible robot empowered by Microsoft and Qualcomm technologies

Misty the Robot is extensible and flexible, with technologies like computer vision on board. It's tied into a number of key Microsoft technologies, too.Read...

Researcher exposes vulnerability in macOS Gatekeeper security mechanism

Security researcher Filippo Cavallarin has publicized what he says is a way to bypass the Gatekeeper security functionality of macOS. The bypass remains...

Tim Cook promotes ‘Chronicles of San Francisco’ exhibit and iOS app

Apple's Cook has extolled a "moving masterpiece" by artist JR which is a mural depicting around 1,200 people filmed in San Francisco. The...