Facebook Buys Chatbot Startup Servicefriend to Integrate Into Calibra

Facebook acquires Israeli chatbot startup Servicefriend for Calibra’s customer service

Altcoins Soar, Zuckerberg Turns on Charm, North Korea’s Coin: Hodler’s Digest, Sept. 16–22

In this week’s Hodler’s Digest, Zuckerberg turns on the charm, altcoins explode, and an “African Bitcoin Bull” does a good deed

Crypto News From the German-Speaking World: Sept. 16–22 in Review

This week’s select crypto and blockchain news from the German-speaking world, courtesy of Cointelegraph auf Deutsch

Do Crypto Payment Restrictions Undermine Blockchain’s Core Values?

Experts weigh in on the positives and negatives to the control that exchanges, wallets and payment platforms have over users cryptocurrency holdings

What Google’s Quantum Breakthrough Means for Blockchain Cryptography

We’ve been warned for years that a quantum computing breakthrough is just around the corner. When that day comes, we’re told, it could render existing encryption standards obsolete, threatening...

Top-5 Crypto Performers: XLM, MIOTA, ETH,TRX, XRP

Have altcoins started a new uptrend or is the rise only a dead cat bounce? Let’s analyze the charts

How Tokenization Is Transforming Film Financing, Wesley Snipes’ Fund

Tokenization continues to proliferate in 2019, with notable director Wesley Snipes launching an STO to fund his future work. So, how does tokenization work and can it really disrupt...

Iran Is Being Targeted for Economic Independence, Not Terrorism

New, unprecedented economic sanctions have been imposed on Iran’s central bank after blame for a September 14 oil field attack was pinned on the nation by U.S. leaders. The...

Retailers Around the World That Accept Crypto, From Pizza to Travel

Cryptocurrency adoption is picking up speed. Now, you can spend your Bitcoin to buy a latte or a ticket to space. Here is a status check on the retailers...

6 Noncustodial Crypto Payment Solutions for Merchants

You don’t have to be a bitcoin purist or tech tinkerer to want to accept cryptocurrency without using a third party. With lower merchant fees, greater network uptime, and...

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Facebook Buys Chatbot Startup Servicefriend to Integrate Into Calibra

Facebook acquires Israeli chatbot startup Servicefriend for Calibra’s customer service

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