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How to install Kodi on a Raspberry Pi in 2019

Kodi and a Raspberry Pi make for one of the easiest and best media centers you can make yourself. Kodi is a great...

AMC Theater takes on iTunes with online video store to buy or rent movies

Apple may be moving into streaming video next month, but renting and buying movies online is still big business – and AMC Theater...

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL: what to expect

Are the Pixel 4 and 4 XL the most-leaked phones ever? They probably are, even though the previous generations give them a run...

Xiaomi clocks 100 million sales of Redmi Note series devices globally

The Redmi Note series has played an important role in helping Xiaomi dominate the budget smartphone segment in countries like China and India. ...

How causal inference is helping companies innovate and grow

Companies are making use of causal inference in two key scenarios: the planning side and the impact assessment side of their business.Read More

Hard to Kill: Research Finds Even ‘JokeCoins’ Have a 1.4 Year Lifespan

Most cryptocurrency projects wind up in the industry’s graveyard because of “death by abandonment,” according to new research

Apple Pay today comes to new banks in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands

Apple Pay today continues its European expansion, coming to new banks in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands – some five years after the...

Setting up your new Android phone isn’t complete without this!

You've moved your contacts and apps from your old phone, but now it's time to really unpack your new phone! Setting up a...