Some of the reasons are misguided and some are disingenuous. But for many, the real reason is that they just don’t like Google.

Most of the online chatter about how Google buying Fitbit is a crisis waiting to happen has died down. That’s good in some ways while being bad in other ways. It seems all good crises are that way. With the dust settled, I’ve spent some time looking at how it all played out and have come to what I think is a group of interesting observations: a lot of people do not like Google at the company level, and a lot of other people try to capitalize on that fact.

You shouldn’t blindly trust Google when it comes to your data. The minute we stop questioning is the minute it can do whatever it likes.

It’s perfectly OK, even healthy, to not like Google. What the company does to make money can seem sneaky or even dangerous. When a single company can build such a strong and well-fitting profile on us through data collection, being uneasy is a good thing. Even if you have a good understanding of how Google does what it does,

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