It can be genuinely challenging to find something actually worth highlighting as our game of the week. There are so many garbage knock-off games clogging up the Google Play Store that smaller games that deserve attention get lost in the fray.

Vectronom is one of those games that is likely to fall through the cracks despite being a really challenging and unique rhythm-based puzzle-platformer. You’re going to want a pair of headphones cranked to full volume for this one because following along to the music is key and the visuals will provide an absolute psychedelic trip.

The game features intuitive controls for controlling your cube that will have you swiping and tapping in rhythm. The levels are constantly changing in sync with the thumping beat of the music, so you’ll need to keep up with the rhythm to avoid falling into traps.

If that sounds too easy or like another mobile game you’ve played (because everyone’s played Geometry Dash, right?), don’t worry. Vectronom manages to ramp up the complexity of the level design as you progress in downright dazzling ways that will challenge both your puzzle-solving and rhythmic abilities.

There are currently 31 levels to play through

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