Microsoft To Do for Android gained a dark mode icon and an improved widget in its latest update.

What you need to know Microsoft To Do’s widget on Android now shows more data. The widget can display due dates, which list an item belongs to, and if an item is within the My Day section. Microsoft To Do also gained an icon for dark mode.

Microsoft To Do has a richer widget and a new icon for dark mode users thanks to a recent update (via MSPU). The update allows Microsoft To Do’s widget to display more metadata. As a result, people can see an item’s due date, which list an item belongs to, and if an item has been added to the My Day section of the app.

Microsoft To Do’s new icon looks similar to the app’s lighter icon. The biggest change is that it swaps out white for black. Both icons are still available, but the new icon looks good on devices in dark mode.

The app’s listing on the Google Play Store details the complete changelog:

We’ll now show you more metadata in the widget, so you can see the due date, which list

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