Turn off ‘skip songs’ in Motion Sense gestures.

What you need to know Pixel 4 users are experiencing a persistent battery icon over YouTube videos while watching in full screen. Motion Sense gestures seem to be the unlikely culprit behind it. The persistent battery icon can be disabled by turning off “skip songs” in Motion Sense gestures.

Since the Pixel 4 first launched, it has garnered plenty of criticism for a variety of reasons. Some of them present a major security flaw, such as face unlock working with your eyes closed, while others are less benign, such as the lack of 4K 60fps video recording, which is either due to lack of storage or simply because Google thinks users don’t need it.

Now, there is another annoyance being caused by one of the Pixel 4’s signature features. For whatever reason, Motion Sense is causing a faint battery icon to appear over videos when watching them in full screen on the Pixel 4. Given the poor battery performance on the Pixel 4 phones, perhaps this is a “feature” because it seems too deliberate to be a bug. Especially because the icon itself is dimmed in an attempt to lessen the

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