Even though it understands the commands.

What you need to know Some users are reporting an issue where Google Assistant refuses to respond to queries in Android Auto. Viewing your Google activity reveals that Assistant is hearing and understanding the commands, but it simply fails to respond. A community specialist has acknowledged the complaints on the Google support forums, but there has been no statement or update given on the status.

Google created Assistant to make our lives easier, and over the years, it has spread to more and more devices to give us a helping hand. When it works, it can be life-changing. Unfortunately, Assistant doesn’t always work, such as the recent case with Android Auto.

Some users have been reporting that Assistant is failing to respond to queries, which is bad enough, but it gets even worse. That’s because one user decided to check his Google history with myactivity.google.com and saw that Assistant is hearing and understanding the commands just fine, it is simply ignoring them.

If there’s one thing worse than your Assistant mishearing you, it’s when it just plain ignores you. There is already a growing thread on Google’s support forum over the issue,

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