Indeed, smartphones have evolved massively over the time to meet the demands of modern consumers. Screens have gotten larger and brighter, and processors have become more powerful. However, what’s remained unchanged is the lithium-ion batteries that haven’t seen much progress besides a mere increase in capacities.

Given the limited hardware, the number of features present on the device makes it almost impossible for an average phone to last a full working day. Yet, there are a few simple tricks that can help you increase battery life on your Android. Read on.

Tips to Increase Battery Life on Your Android Find out what’s eating your battery

Firstly, you need to check what’s actually causing the battery to die on your phone. To start with, simply head to your Android’s Settings, navigate to the battery section, and check consumption details. Here you’ll get to know who is the real culprit- the hardware or the software.

In case if any particular application is consuming too much juice than intended, just uninstall it. However, if it’s a system app like Google Play Services, try preliminary steps like force stopping or clearing data and cache. The chances are that the version you’re using

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