Keeping customers on your website is essential for several reasons. The longer users engage with your content, the more likely they are to invest in your brand and move down the sales funnel. They can’t turn into paying customers until they trust your business and believe it has something valuable to offer. 

Your business can’t expand without customer loyalty, and, as such, it’s crucial to create a user experience on your website that’s smooth and efficient. Disruptions, lags, and confusing navigation are the easiest ways to skyrocket your bounce rate and lose conversions. If customers don’t enjoy their time on your website, why would they come back?

We’re going to look at six ways to keep customers engaged on your website, including:

Using popup opt-ins to grab their attention and collect their information Increasing site speed to improve the user experience (UX) Improving customer support through live chat Incorporating social proof to gain new visitors’ trust Adding video content to prolong engagement Reducing friction on your website 

Let’s dive in.

1. Use popup opt-ins

For new visitors especially, it’s harder to convince them to join your email list and engage with your content longer. It’s crucial to do everything you

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