Credit cards and debit cards have become ubiquitous. Almost everyone carries them, and fewer customers are paying cash than ever. For most businesses, accepting credit cards is imperative. Partnering with a credit card processor and setting up a card reader at the point of sale is often just another cost of doing business for entrepreneurs. But what happens when a customer wants to use their credit card outside the point of sale?

Many businesses, from restaurants to retailers, take orders over the phone. It’s generally thought of as an added service to boost customer satisfaction in an increasingly card-centric society. If you’ve ever wondered how to accept credit card payments over the phone, this guide can help. We will also walk you through the pros and cons of accepting credit cards over the phone and how you can best ensure your customers’ data remains safe.

How to accept credit card payments over the phone

Accepting credit cards over the phone is often important to boosting customer satisfaction. It offers your customers another way to pay that might be more convenient to them, helping you to drive sales. Luckily, there are several methods for accepting a customer’s credit card over

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