Alexa, one of the world’s most popular digital assistants, is seemingly everywhere in 2019. Just about everything supports Alexa one way or another, with the most popular way to access the assistant being through smart speakers. We think the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) is the best overall speaker for everyone, as it strikes a great balance of features and price. If that’s not your thing, we have seven other recommendations to check out, too. Let’s dive in!

Best Overall: Amazon Echo (3rd Gen)

At the top of our list, we have the Amazon Echo. This is the new 3rd Gen model that Amazon recently unveiled at its big fall hardware event, and we think it strikes the best balance of offering a great user experience while coming in at a competitive price tag.

The design of the Echo is as strong as ever, featuring a fabric cover that’s available in four colors that should look great in just about any home. Underneath that striking housing is a powerful speaker that offers deep bass and 360-degree audio. In fact, this is the same sound quality that was previously limited to the more expensive Echo Plus.

Everything from podcasts to

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