There is a mind-bending amount of metrics and data involved in even a young startup. You cannot afford to ignore the analytics or facts. Even if you are willing to gamble going forward blindfolded, you can’t expect others to invest or come along for the ride without you knowing.

At best you won’t be nearly as competitive and profitable as you could be. You certainly won’t be taken seriously by angels and venture capitalists.

So, which metrics do you really need to know? Which are the musts that will ensure you stay in business and can sit down at an investor meeting without being dismissed in seconds? The metrics below are some of the ones I cover on my fundraising training. You will need to nail those if you want to land investors. 

1. Customer acquisition cost

How much does it cost you to get a new customer?

It’s one of the top questions potential investors will want to know. It’s also a vital number for entrepreneurs to know to understand their own finances, profits, marketing options and what they can afford to offer in return for loans.

This number is probably a lot higher than you think. Be

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