Millions of employees work hard for the companies that hired them but hope to launch their own side businesses one day. Even though they may dream of nursing their side businesses into full-fledged commercial operations, for now they need to keep their day jobs.

Before launching a side business, it’s important to remember that many employees who begin small projects end up getting fired thanks to their inability to attend to their primary responsibilities.

How do you start a side business without losing your primary employment? Here are some tips that can help you stop your side business from getting you fired.

Have you signed an employment contract?

The first and most important consideration when checking if you can establish your own side business without getting fired is to determine if you signed an employment contract when you were hired. If you did, you’ll want to read through it in its entirety to understand what limitations may have been placed on you by your current employer. Many companies prohibit their workers from launching side businesses as they don’t want your attention and creative energy to be used elsewhere, so failing to check your contract could end up costing you

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