Marketers in 2019 are all in on content marketing – and with good reason. According to data from Meaningful Brands, 84% of consumers expect brands to produce content that entertains, provides solutions and produces experiences and events.

Failing to capitalize on content marketing can put your brand at a competitive disadvantage. But the one thing most marketers don’t mention is that average content doesn’t produce a return on investment.

To really move the needle, you need expert-level content that establishes your authority as a thought leader within your industry. Understanding this is one thing – actually achieving it is another. Unless you have a surprisingly large amount of free time, you’ll rely on freelance writers and other content creators to shoulder the content burden for you. But even outsourcing comes with its own challenges.

The dual challenges of outsourcing expert content creation

If you’re a B2C company selling health and wellness products, congratulations. You’ll have no trouble finding freelance writing talent that’s likely to deliver great content at an affordable rate.

But what if you’re a B2B company operating in a highly technical field? Chances are you won’t be able to get away with a generalist writer. Sourcing a specialist

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