Best answer: Eye tracking technology allows a device to track the position and motion of your eyes using a sensor. It should enhance your VR experience by reducing eye strain, increasing performance and resolution, and creating more immersive games.

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What is eye tracking?

Eye tracking is a sensor technology that can tell exactly where a person’s gaze is focused. It allows the device you are using to track the position and motion of your eyes relative to your head and the screen.

Do any VR headsets currently use eye tracking?

Eye tracking was previously used predominately in the medical field, but virtual reality headset manufacturers have taken note of how important this technology is to the future of VR. Though a lot of VR headsets don’t use eye tracking just yet, the HTC Vive Pro Eye does, and will be the first mainstream headset on the market to do so. Oculus, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and PlayStation are also looking to implement eye tracking into future VR and AR headsets, but none currently use it.

How will eye tracking benefit PlayStation 5 VR?

Eye tracking in

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