You know the cycle. Your B2B marketing team generates leads for your B2B business. Your sales team takes the leads, works their sales magic and hopefully closes the sale. 

Since your sales team drives all the revenue and your marketing team drives all the leads, they go head-to-head over who is more important and who is doing their job correctly. The sales team complains about poor leads and your marketing team complains about low close rates.

On and on it goes.

But having your sales and marketing teams bicker about their value isn’t productive. In fact, it can build animosity and a toxic work environment. Further, when your two teams don’t work together effectively, your revenue is on the line.

What’s a savvy business owner to do? Know that conflict between sales and marketing teams is common. Here are eight tried-and-true methods for getting your teams working together again.

Are your sales and marketing teams at war?

The war between sales and marketing has been so pervasive that even The Harvard Review has written an article on the matter. It seems to be a tale as old as time: sales and marketing teams arguing over which tasks are most important and who does

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