Bitcoin cash development is popping, whether it’s from engineers programming infrastructure or developers creating third-party resources. One innovative concept is the use of embeddable payment buttons that allow people to tip and donate using BCH payments. Just recently, a new BCH-based payment button was released called, which gives anyone the ability to accept online donations in bitcoin cash.

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BCH fans were recently introduced to a new payment button website called, which gives anyone the ability to donate and tip bitcoin cash to content creators, services, and websites. is “a simple Bitcoin Cash donation button generator with instant visual feedback on payments,” explains the developer’s open source repository. After the payment button was announced, BCH supporters welcomed the idea on Reddit and social media. “All the developments happening with BCH are great to see, so many active developers out there — No matter how big or small every bit counts,” an individual remarked on the Donate Button announcement post. creation page.

Using the Donate Button is fairly self explanatory as the webpage asks for a

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