Play Pass’s game library is off to a strong start.

Speaking as someone who covers the best Android games as part of my job, Google Play Pass is off to a strong start given the selection of titles available on the service at launch. I’ve highlighted the best games that you should already have downloaded on your phone, if not for most Android users’ fear of paying upfront for quality apps and games.

On this list alone, there’s $65 worth of great games that can all be yours for just $2 a month for the first year, and $5 a month after that. This also doesn’t factor in the other useful paid apps that are bundled in with Play Pass, or any of the games and apps that will be added in the coming months.

Mini Metro Monument Valley 2 LIMBO Reigns: Game of Thrones Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Suzy Cube Chameleon Run Bridge Constructor Portal Terraria Stardew Valley Evoland Wayward Souls Hidden Folks Pre-pay for Play Pass Google Play Gift Card

From $25 at Amazon

Pay to play

Getting a play gift card is the safest way to load up your Google

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