The BTC community recently celebrated the fact that Segregated Witness (Segwit) transactions accounted for 50% of transactions and bech32 transactions doubled as well. However, the celebration quickly came to an end when a few Bitcoin Core developers found out where the transactions derived from and got upset at the Veriblock project for using scarce block space. Bitcoin Core developer Luke Jr urged the BTC community to reduce the block size limit. He further called Veriblock “spammers” and abusers of Segwit’s “block size increase to gain an advantage over legit Bitcoin users.”

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The Argument for Scarce Block Space and ‘Legit’ Bitcoin Users

Block space is a contentious subject within the BTC community as many people believe it is sacred and only meant for “legit” users. Even though this opinion is very subjective, many BTC supporters believe that only certain transactions should be allowed onchain and anything else is considered “spam” or “abuse.” For instance, the founder of consulting firm Bitcoin Advisory, Pierre Rochard, discussed how people mistakenly use the term “fee market” when it should be considered a “block space market” at the Baltic Honeybadger conference.


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