In thinking about the best ways to build an effective talent pipeline, the first thing I’m reminded of isn’t how to navigate all the best online recruiting sites, nor is it how to develop a solid cast of candidates. It’s not even about the luck it takes to land the perfect employee at the right time.

Instead, I reflect on one of my favorite stories from the Bible – Exodus 31:1-6, in which God brings Moses to the top of Mount Sinai and gives him an exhaustive list of everything He wants Moses to do. Startled and a bit dismayed, Moses finds relief in the knowledge that he’ll have a strong team behind him. He wouldn’t be alone in his efforts.

To me, it’s an accurate metaphor for the hiring process. We tend to get bogged down in all the minute details when searching for the perfect candidate. We agonize over the little things without seeing the big picture. But what really matters is finding people we can trust who complement our skills. After all, we often spend more time with our co-workers than our own families, making an effective approach to hiring absolutely essential.

My scouting process

Whenever there’s a

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