Finding the best employees for your small business is only part of the process of building a great team. After you’ve hired a new worker, it is critical to create an excellent onboarding experience to help introduce them to their position and work environment.

Onboarding is how new hires learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors to become productive and engaged members of your small business team. It includes filling out essential paperwork, participating in hands-on training, socializing with co-workers and learning the company culture. Onboarding should extend past the employee’s first week. It can last anywhere from a month to a year.

In many businesses, onboarding is often confused with orientation – the employee watches some videos, fills out paperwork and is told to get to work. Onboarding, however, is a chance for your new hire to connect emotionally with your company’s vision and culture. It should give them all the tools and resources they need to become a productive member of your team as quickly as possible. At the same time, it should give them a great impression of your company, so they want to stick around long-term.

The three primary goals of onboarding are to

Acclimate your

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