Mentors are integral to founders’ success because they can provide different opinions, a helpful community and valuable connections. Mentors have as much to gain from mentorship as their mentees. A strong mentorship network strengthens the global startup community. To lend a helping hand to those looking for mentorship, get personal, give advice at the right time and place and create connections.

In business, the line between success and failure is often paper-thin. The more you learn from those who’ve walked both sides of that line, the better your chances are of staying on the right side of it.

Entrepreneurs know this instinctively. A recent survey by global finance, technology, and data firm Kabbage Inc. revealed that 92% of small business owners acknowledge the impact of mentors on their businesses’ long-term viability. Yet nearly two-thirds of owners lack any professional guidance when launching their businesses. 

It’s not difficult to see why there’s a disconnect. While many seasoned professionals acknowledge the impact of this gap, those professionals aren’t necessarily offering up their time to other growing companies. If more experienced individuals could truly see the benefits and far-reaching effects of mentorship, though, more would be quick to accept – and offer – guidance themselves. 

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