Image compression isn’t hard, and the process can help with computer storage space and branding purposes through the use of quality images that load quickly. You can use photo-editing software or programs like Microsoft Word to compress image files. The process of compressing JPEG images is similar to compressing any other type of image file.

In 2019, using technology is a necessity. Whether you’re running a website or using social media, consumers love to see images – no matter which type of device they’re using. If a website uses poor image quality or its pages take too long to load because the image files are too big, some consumers will immediately be turned off, while quality images that load quickly can enhance a brand’s reputation. Images matter.

The importance of images means your business needs to know the basics of image sizing and editing. You don’t need to be a graphic design expert; resizing images and compressing photos is something everyone can easily learn.

What is photo compression?

Photo compression is a process that reduces an image’s file size in such a way that it takes up less memory in your computer without messing up the image’s quality. It’s not

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