Cross-departmental communication is standard practice in most IT companies. You can’t get the car moving if you don’t operate as one massive, well-oiled machine, right?

Barriers often exist between departments, making communication a challenge and hindering your organization’s ability to quickly get products to market. This is where DevOps enters the picture.

DevOps can help

DevOps, at its core, is a system of collaboration that does away with siloed development and operations teams, enabling organizations to get software to the market much faster, among other benefits. DevOps is an integration of developers and operations teams to improve productivity and collaboration. This is done by measuring application performance on a continuous basis, automating infrastructure and workflows and continuously measuring application performance. 

Implementing DevOps in tech workplaces

DevOps isn’t an “all-in-one solution” that can simply be copied and pasted. An effective DevOps strategy must be tailored to your specific workplace. You’ll need an implementation strategy for deploying DevOps in tech vs. creative workplaces.

Get buy-in

Successful DevOps implementation requires everyone to buy-in, from the top of your organization to the bottom. How can this be accomplished? Look at incentives. 

Are certain types of behaviors being rewarded? Is there any motivation for cross-team collaboration?

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