Have you considered using LinkedIn to promote your business and improve your conversions? When marketers think of marketing on social media platforms, LinkedIn is usually one of the last ones they think of, even though it boasts 645 million members worldwide. When used correctly, it’s a convenient tool that grows your business, creates buzz for your brand, and markets it to new people within your target audience.

Business professionals rely on LinkedIn to network and further their brand’s reach, but those goals can only be achieved if the platform is used correctly. Not having an active or optimized LinkedIn account looks terrible to your audience and possible network connections. It shows you’re inactive and might not know your way around this medium of technology. 

Why use LinkedIn to promote your brand?

LinkedIn is a social platform that lets businesses, brands, and professionals of all types engage with one another. It helps job seekers find opportunities and businesses reach their target market. 

Building authentic relationships online is easier when you have word of mouth marketing doing the work for you. Because LinkedIn focuses on professionals and creating networking connections, it provides the opportunity to spread the word about your brand without

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