Outsourcing is a blessing for businesses in today’s dynamic markets. But, as businesses look to scale or expand through outsourcing, it is critical to choose an outsourcing partner that helps to yield the best dividends possible.

When it comes to outsourcing IT requirements, Asia, and particularly India, is one of the main outsourcing hubs that offers many benefits. For example, outsourcing is reliable, highly cost-effective and helps to quicken the time-to-market period.

To realize all these benefits, you also need to consider a number of factors before making a final decision. Factors that, if overlooked, can result in failures, time loss and additional costs.

While the process of choosing the right outsourcing partner, whether from India or any other country, is almost always the same, but due to the exceptional rise in IT outsourcing, it’s important that you don’t rush into things.

Following these best practices will help you to find the right outsourcing partner, but it will also help you in building a competitive advantage.

1. Define a clear scope of work

Before you start reaching out to potential outsourcing partners write a clear scope of work document. It’s your responsibility to decide business goals, what is it that your

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