Humans aren’t mind readers. Yet, 76% of customers expect businesses to anticipate their needs and expectations. Fortunately, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping SEO specialists to manage and unify data, understand user behavior, predict their needs, and deliver personalized experiences. These disruptive technologies are enabling SEO experts to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

AI and SEO are a gainful combination for search marketers as it allows them to keep up with Google and other search engines that are continuously incorporating machine learning into their products and services. In a recent survey by Techemergence, “search” was voted as the most profitable application of AI and ML in digital marketing.

This is because search engines have become smarter in identifying keyword stuffing and irrelevant backlinks and assessing the quality of content. Hence, marketers need to use AI-powered SEO tactics to meet the requirements of search engines and boost their online ranking.

If you want your business to succeed, AI-powered SEO is a worthwhile investment. Read on to learn AI can help you improve your online reputation and fuel the growth of your venture.

1. Create awesome SEO content

The search engine giant, Google, is well-known for tweaking

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