The OnePlus TV will go up against the likes of Samsung and Sony and not budget players like Xiaomi.

What you need to know OnePlus TV will run an ‘optimized’ Android TV skin with seamless connectivity with OnePlus phones. The TV will feature a QLED panel and will work as a giant smart display. OnePlus is positioning its TV against Samsung and Sony, and it says the pricing will be on par with other premium TVs.

The OnePlus TV is set to be unveiled sometime next month, and the company is starting to dole out details regarding the product. In an interview with Gadgets360, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau outlined his vision for the TV as a product:

If you think about what’s going to happen in five to ten years, I believe the TV is no longer the TV, it will be a smart display. It will have all the information that you have, including your note, your reminder, and maybe when you wake up, the TV will automatically tell you that this is your whole day’s schedule, and it will actively give you everything that you need, versus being passive (and) show what you want

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