Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 series last week and for the first time, we have two variants of the Note 10 smartphone. Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ with some major feature distributions. The Galaxy Note 10 comes with upgraded hardware and software which lets you do more than a regular smartphone. And yes, the S-Pen was the star of the event with even more features than last year with Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy note 10 S pen features, tips and tricks

Today we are going to tell you some tips and tricks for your Galaxy Note 10 so you can try it when yours arrive.

Galaxy Note 10 Tips and Tricks Home Screen and User Interface You can change the Home Screen Layout from Home screen settings and switch the Home Screen layout to home screen only. This will disable the app drawer and all the installed apps will be available on the home screen only.
You can change the Home screen grid and Apps screen grid from 4X5 to 5X6 and change the density of apps on the app drawer and home screen.
To access the notification panel and quick settings easily, enable the Swipe

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