Wherever there’s something people desperately want, there are predators looking for a way to take advantage of the situation. It happened with the housing crisis, when lenders offered the American dream of home ownership to people who couldn’t afford it, and it’s happening now with MLM companies offering the dream of entrepreneurship to people who want to start a business.

Many Americans dream of being their own boss and answering to no one, opening themselves up to brutal manipulation by sharks in pretty Instagram filters. Americans want the dream of entrepreneurship so badly, and believe they can have it so fervently, that they are being manipulated into handing over their hard-earned money and time for the promise of financial independence and career stability that will never come.

The viciousness of multilevel marketing (MLM) companies cannot be overstated, no matter how family-friendly, female-friendly and diverse they might market themselves as being.

Multilevel marketing 101

A lot of people are confused about MLM companies and wonder how pyramid schemes can operate in the public eye for so long without getting shut down. Understanding multilevel marketing is key, and here’s the weird fact: MLM companies are not illegal, but pyramid schemes are. Where

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