A company negotiation strategy can define your approach to fundamental issues such as your target market and pricing. Your strategy can create a clear picture of your company’s goals. Developing a negotiation strategy based on your company’s goals can create unity and empower your team to work together. Your strategies and values can determine the primary negotiation styles you train your employees to use.

Negotiating with no strategy is like driving cross-country without a map. If you don’t have clear goals, action plans or limitations, it can be difficult to measure your success. In an article for Forbes, Keld Jensen pointed out the dangers of negotiating with no strategy. According to Jensen, you can lose up to 42% of a deal’s potential value.

Without a common strategy, departments can develop varying objectives. For example, in a clothing company, the designers will likely want to use the best quality materials. Yet, the finance department may want to keep costs low. A clear strategy can enable departments to work better together. With the best negotiation training, you can learn how to develop your company’s strategy.

Define your company strategy

Consider defining your company strategy before your negotiation strategy. A company strategy can be defined

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