If you run an online store, you know how important it is to write copy that’s enticing and grabs the customers’ attention. Because shoppers don’t get to view your products in person, it’s essential to write accurate product descriptions that say exactly what they’re going to get and highlight the benefits.

A badly written description could be the difference between an abandoned webpage and a sale.

But how do you write the kind of descriptions that convert? It’s important to go into detail about the different features and benefits the products provide so users feel like it’s worth their coin. Too many copywriters go about writing product descriptions the wrong way because they focus on the aspect of selling instead of the customer. However, when you write them with the customer in mind, you automatically increase your chances of selling that product.

To write descriptions that work, you need to:

Focus on the customer

Make your content easy to scan

Emphasize the product’s benefits

Optimize for SEO

Maintain consistent branding

Here’s more on these five tips so that you can write product descriptions that convert your visitors into customers.

1. Focus on the

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