Facebook is to allow users to clear data which has been linked to their account based on their activity on other websites.

The social network said it will begin offering users the chance to see and remove “Off-Facebook Activity” information about themselves that has been sent to the social network by other apps and sites and is used to serve adverts.

Facebook said it will also allow users to disconnect future off-Facebook activity from their account, either in its entirety or just for specific apps and websites.

Much of the advertising found on the internet is served to users based on their previous online viewing habits, with businesses paying for sites such as Facebook to use this activity information to place adverts in front of users it believes are relevant to them.


But Facebook said the number of different apps people used meant many found it difficult to keep track of who has information on them and what it is used for.

It confirmed the new activity tool will initially be introduced for users in Ireland, South Korea and Spain.


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