Dark mode has indeed gained a lot of traction on Android in recent times. And why not? I mean it really helps in protecting your eyes from strain and while most phones come with Bluelight filter, nothing comes close to a full-fledged dark mode. Moreover, it’s also a life-saver for phones having OLED displays, improving the

Unfortunately, most of the devices out there skimp on a built-in dark mode. And while Google has announced the same for Android Q, the update will take time in reaching to masses. That said, the easiest way you can get perks of black theming is by using a custom Android launcher.

Therefore, we are here with a list of top 3 Android launchers with Dark mode that not only bring black theming options but also offer a slew of whole new customization features.

Launchers with Dark Mode for Android Nova Launcher

Dark mode has been available on the popular Nova Launcher since the very beginning. However, instead of a pure black theme, it employed a dark gray mode which was useless for the most part. Anyways, the launcher was updated recently by TeslaCoil to feature a pure black theming option.

Using the revamped

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