The 11th week of protesting in Hong Kong has passed as the world has witnessed massive sit-ins at the national airport and demonstrations across several locations citywide. The 2019 anti-extradition bill protests have affected Hong Kong’s local economy, investors have dumped on the benchmark Hang Seng index, and now pro-independence activist, Chen Haotian, has called upon the country’s citizens to withdraw bank deposits. The chairman of the Hong Kong National Party, Haotian further told the public that the “primary goal” of the bank run is to target “Chinese banks.”

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Hong Kong Independence Activist Proposes a Run on Chinese Banks

The protests in Hong Kong have been taking place now for many weeks and just recently things started escalating. It all began in March, with tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents taking to the streets to protest the 2019 extradition bill. If the bill is enacted into law, it would allow Chinese authorities to come in and extradite any Hong Kong citizen to mainland China if they are accused of a crime. In April and June, protests gathered a lot of momentum and in the eyes of many

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