The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), a token creation system built on top of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network continues to mature as developers have released a number of third-party applications that support SLP tokens. Now the onchain, BCH-based social network has implemented an SLP token exchange allowing people to list SLP tokens and sell them for bitcoin cash.

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The New Trustless Onchain SLP Token Exchange is a popular social network that’s built on top of the BCH chain where every action uses an onchain transaction. For a while now Memo has accrued users and has added a variety of features since the platform’s inception. recently reported on the application adding the ability to forge SLP tokens on the Memo platform and to store, send, and receive SLP coins as well. At the time, we gave our readers step-by-step instructions on how to mint an SLP token using Memo and explained that the process takes less than a minute. Since then, the engineers behind Memo have added the ability for people to trade SLP tokens onchain in a safe environment. The new exchange service utilizes an open source decentralized

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