Microsoft’s and Samsung’s partnership is a big deal. Let’s break it all down and see what we’ve got in store for the future.

Last week, Microsoft announced big news alongside Samsung; a partnership that will see the two companies work closely together on future products, starting with the Galaxy Note 10. This is a huge deal for Microsoft and a big step back into the mobile game. But this partnership isn’t just about mobile; it’s about Windows too.

Samsung has been happily bundling some of Microsoft’s Android apps on its phones for a couple of years now. It started with the Samsung Galaxy S8, but there was never any formal partnership behind it. Now that there’s an official public-facing partnership to contend with, both Microsoft and Samsung have taken this bundling of apps to a new level by introducing more Microsoft services that are preinstalled and going a step further by integrating some of those services with Samsung’s version of Android.

Microsoft apps preinstalled

The following are all the Microsoft apps you can expect to see bundled with the Galaxy Note 10, and likely future Galaxy S and Note devices going forward.

Word PowerPoint Excel Outlook OneDrive LinkedIn

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