To avoid credit card processing fees and sidestep the need for additional swipe and chip hardware, a surprising number of small businesses still don’t accept credit cards. Unfortunately, not accepting credit cards could be hurting your bottom line. Here’s a breakdown of why some businesses don’t accept cards, what you might be losing out on by refusing credit card transactions, and how you can get affordable credit card processing for your small business.

Why some businesses still don’t accept credit cards

Cash-only businesses are extremely common in certain places in the United States, like New York City, where locals know to keep cash on hand or else risk being unable to pay for things. Generally, very high-traffic areas (like dense urban centers with ample wealth, or a large percentage of unbanked people) and remote areas (like ultra-rural areas with limited internet service) are more likely to be cash-only than suburbs, towns or midsize cities.

In urban areas with a plethora of customers in the vicinity, small business owners may be able to operate at full capacity without accepting credit cards, simply because customers are willing to pay in cash. Businesses in such areas can turn away non-cash customers without the

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