Must children lack parental attention because their parents lead a global agency? This is the situation many CEOs have found themselves in. Some handle it with eyebrow-raising strategies. Elon Musk confesses to dividing his time between work and his five children. He does so in a way that even around them, he could be replying emails. That might be an odd way to parent children but for the CEO of many companies, that is his coping mechanism. 

Pepsi’s CEO, Indra Nooyi copes with the dilemma by facing her truth: she can’t always be there for her daughter. Sometimes, her daughter complains about her absence at parent meetings. Then, she fires back with a list of other parents who were absent too. 

But there must be a better way to raise children, even if you hold a top position in a Fortune 500 organization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. The methods that work in my family may not be suitable for yours. Yet the fundamental principles remain the same. The good thing is, if you head a multinational agency, you probably already know how to be a good parent. 

In balancing my time between work and family, here are some lessons I’ve

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