Almost without even noticing, most of us tend to turn every professional interaction into a lead qualification process. Every day is an ongoing parade of meetings and conversations with prospects, customers, partners, business development leads, prospective employees. But with business objectives to be reached and time in short supply, being mission oriented is of the essence. And so we analyze, assess, qualify and then we move on as swiftly as possible if a person isn’t deemed to be worth talking to.

We don’t even notice we’re doing it – it simply becomes second nature. With every new connection, we try as quickly as possible to count the odds of establishing a good fit. Each party shows off its prowess, while intensely eyeing the other party for every clue as to its true intents and merits.

Since the human business professional is more verbal than his avian counterpart, most maneuvers take the form of questions: is the other party of the right vertical? The right business size? The relevant role? Will he be the right cultural fit? Good on his word? Cash flow positive? Is she experiencing a relevant pain? Can she relate to the solution you’re offering? 

This is all done, of

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