Based on recent surveys conducted by IHL Group and other independent forums, almost 58% of North American retailers are continuously relying on location-specific marketing to fuel their entrepreneurial decisions. While this statistic is quite interesting, it also showcases the insistence of bigger and medium-sized brands on location technology as their go-to marketing tool. 

That said, cost-cutting and financially motivated decisions have prompted smaller businesses to opt for minimalistic marketing approaches with location data being one of the many. However, understanding more about the existing technology and how it shapes business decisions needs to be considered. 

The role of location technology in shaping up an entrepreneurial framework

For SMBs to procure functional insights regarding customer behavior and interests, location technology can certainly be considered. This is one exceedingly powerful solution that makes room for data-drive strategies to help organizations shape up their tactics for a selected audience base. That said, it would be perfect if a majority of small and medium-sized businesses start amalgamating traditional marketing tactics with location technology to focus on diverse customer touch points. This can also resonate better with the concerned audience base. 

Location data and its role in predictive analysis

As mentioned earlier, location data can certainly improve decision

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