Here’s our daily update in tweets, live from IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) in Macau. Like yesterday, we’ll be covering tutorials and workshops.


Now attending the #tutorial “Argumentation and Machine Learning: When the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” by @CeruttiFederico, & learning about #ML mechanisms that create, annotate, analyze & evaluate arguments expressed in natural language.#AI #IJCAI2019 @IJCAIconf

— Dagmar Monett (@dmonett) August 12, 2019

Getting dirty hands on the new @TensorFlow 2.0 in the Deep Learning Tutorial at #IJCAI2019 by @random_forests using Google Colab #deeplearning #machinelearning #tensorflow

— Daniele Di Mitri (@dimstudi0) August 12, 2019



Now: “Dialogues with Socially Aware Robot Agents – Knowledge & Reasoning using Natural Language,” an invited #IJCAI2019 talk by Prof. Kristiina Jokinen

Her start: “The quality of #intelligence possessed by humans and #AI is fundamentally different.”#Bridging2019 @IJCAIconf

— Dagmar Monett (@dmonett) August 12, 2019

At the #Bridging2019 #IJCAI2019 workshop now.

The second talk by Rodolfo A. Fiorini: “New Approach to Computational Cognition and Predicative Competence.”

On his second slide: #AGI “needs fresh methods with cognitive architectures and philosophy of mind.”#AI @IJCAIconf

— Dagmar Monett

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