Part helper, part security, this is an all-awesome AI throwback I wish could be realized.

Security an inescapable topic online, one with many layers of complexity, nuance, and even more layers of FUD and misconceptions around it. Stories around data breaches and how information is used by the companies we give it to can exhaust even the most hardened professionals and drive uninitiated users away from services and devices that could improve their lives.

There is a lot to be worried about online, even when you trust the system as I do — yes, call me naive, but I don’t think Google is spying on everything I type on my Chromebook or recording me in stereo from the Assistant speakers on either side of my bed. Between having to track a million account credentials, trying to keep your data safe and just vainly attempting to keep your digital life together, I keep having flashbacks to my Saturday morning cartoons and desperately wish in this age of AI that NetNavis was real.

For those of you who didn’t play the Mega Man Battle Network games — or watched/read MegaMan NT Warrior — NetNavis are Inter(Net Navi)gators, sentient AI

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