Cryptocurrency investors looking for a trading platform focused on high speed performance just got a brand new option, from a company they probably already know and trust. Popular wallet provider is launching The Pit.

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Institutional-Grade Platform for Retail Investors, the well-known provider of cryptocurrency products with over 40 million wallets created to date, has announced it is launching a new microsecond-latency crypto exchange called The Pit. The institutional-grade platform will be available from launch in over 240 markets around the world, including a select number of U.S. states.

The new service is focused on speed, and the company says that after extensive R&D its custom “Mercury” matching engine now delivers faster execution than any other crypto exchange. It is also hosted in one of the fastest and most reliable low-latency data centers in the world (Equinix LD4), promising to offer reliability and performance regardless of market conditions. Additionally, a feature called Blockchain Connect will allow the company’s many wallet users to transfer funds directly to and from their Pit account, all while managing their digital assets through a single provider.

Addressing another concern that many investors have in various

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