The e-commerce market is growing fast, with Adobe recently jumping in more aggressively with a new offering, Commerce Cloud.

This service stands on the shoulders of the company’s $1.68 billion acquisition of Magento last year. Commerce Cloud is the newest part of Adobe Experience Cloud, integrating with other core Adobe marketing and advertising products.

Adobe and similar suites of marketing platforms offer considerable benefits for businesses that want to make their customer experience more pleasant and glean necessary insights throughout that journey. Here are a few details that a small business needs to know about Adobe Commerce Cloud and what it offers.

What is Adobe Commerce Cloud?

It’s a new part of Adobe Experience Cloud, a suite of marketing services for advertising, content management, email marketing and related services.

The portfolio is designed to bring content, email campaigns and other services together so that businesses can get the maximum insight from important metrics: Advertising Cloud, Marketo Engage, Experience Manager and Personalization.

What are some of the features?

In a blog post unveiling the new strategy, Jason Woosley, Adobe’s vice president of commerce product and platform, describes the overarching feature goal: “Improve time to market and streamline operations to exceed customer

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