As technology becomes ubiquitous in our working and personal lives, you might think that leaders would have confronted their fear of “The Google” by now. But many in the C-suite still don’t feel like they have a firm grasp on digital principles and why they need a digital presence in order to be successful and stand out in today’s world.

Just because you aren’t digitally connected, though, doesn’t mean your audience isn’t. Avoiding this truth will have serious consequences for your brand – if it hasn’t already. People have grown accustomed to having information at their fingertips, which means you have to be constantly accessible and available to tell the right story. It’s a gift and a curse. But whether you’re ready or not, the world is digital, and you’ll soon have no choice but to be digital right alongside it in order to keep pace.

Why full-funnel marketing fluency is vital for leaders

Getting a strong grasp of digital concepts – especially those related to full-funnel marketing, which reaches audiences at every stage of the buyer journey – is crucial for leaders looking to grow their brands in a way that aligns with customer expectations and behaviors.

Full-funnel marketing makes

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