Business owners need to set a clear budget and work scope when negotiating with freelancers. You should always strive to pay freelancers what they’re worth. Paying a freelancer at or above market value can ensure a good working relationship. Freelancers should stand firm on their value during the negotiation process.

Small businesses don’t always have the budget to bring on additional employees. In many cases, however, SMBs could use more help. This conundrum leaves small business owners looking for ways to add talent without bringing on a full-time employee. Some business turn to interns and volunteers, while others look to freelancers.

According to Upwork, nearly 57 million Americans freelanced in 2018 – up nearly 4 million from 2014. As freelancing continues to gain popularity, small businesses need to consider using freelance labor to help their businesses. Whether it’s with logo design, copywriting, website design or anything else, freelancers bring a vast array of skills to the table without requiring an annual salary or company benefits. Using a freelancer can reduce your costs, while also helping the freelancer build their portfolio and make money from helping you.

If your business decides to utilize freelance help, it’s important to provide fair pay

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