65% of hiring managers felt it was important to know a candidate’s stance on racial equality, while only 32% cared about political leanings. 69% of hiring managers looked through a candidate’s social media presence to learn some of their views. If an employee is an avid Trump supporter, they will likely be joked about, as 28% said they witnessed someone at work ridiculing a fan of the president.

In our increasingly divided America, it’s easy to place each other into “us” and “them” categories. Whether based on political views, sexual orientation, race or some other factor, discrimination is still a problem facing the country. To understand how such differences affect small businesses, a recent study examined how American workplaces are impacted by political and social turmoil.

Released earlier today by Airtasker, the study polled 204 hiring managers and 805 employees about whether they had witnessed any discrimination, gossip or layoffs at work.

Researchers found that not only was workplace discrimination alive and well in 2019, but having certain stances could result in someone becoming a social pariah or not getting the job at all.

Viewpoints and trying to find a job

Despite the current worker-friendly job market, potential candidates have many things

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