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Even though Google Assistant has worked well with a number of gadgets over the years, there still are a couple of devices on the market that the AI hasn’t been able to work with. These often include smart light bulbs. In a blog post this week, the Google Home team wrote that it is planning to include support for Philips Hue bulbs. The goal of the integration is to make the SmartThings app more complete with lighting features. The team said that “making the Philips Hue experience more seamless” means that it will be able to “integrate the features Google Home offers, like routines, to the Philips Hue experience.” On top of this, smart light bulbs are found inside the Allo app, the Assistant on Android phones, and the Nest app. Users who currently have a Hue light can follow the instructions in the blog post to set up Assistant integration, and the team points out that “having a Bluetooth-connected smart bulb with your Home and family is a great way to coordinate lighting and lighting types, and help with waking-up routines, performing artificial intelligence tricks, and more.” Philips has added a handful of light bulbs to the HomeKit ecosystem. Hue bulbs are used for many smart-home features, including Alexa integrations, security, and more. As the Home team notes, it is still working with Philips in order to add the ability to control lights through Assistant.


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